Coffee Compass

This website was built knowing that there are dozens of places to get a cup of coffee. There are a number of hidden gems that offer great service and some of the best flavors that have yet to be discovered. Most people search for the nearest Starbucks or Dutch Bros location because that is comfortable and what they know.

This is where Coffee Compass comes in. Coffee Compass offers recommendations on coffee shops ranging from Salem to Corvallis, Oregon. Each location has been tested to make sure it is worth the trip. Coffee Compass takes out the guesswork and expands customers’ selections.

Web Design | HTML & CSS

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This is my redesign of a past group project I completed with Alexis Chaffmen early in 2020. My goal was to develop an interactive website to guide users to interesting locations in our area. I created it to be both desktop and mobile friendly as users may be on the go when viewing the site. Our original version was not as user-friendly, and I wanted to challenge myself to reinvent it.


With some changes and styling edits, I feel that the website has been renewed in a sense. With my improved skills in HTML and CSS, I was able to redesign the website with a focus on user task flow. By adding features that range from the previous and next buttons to transition between locations as well as typographic hierarchy, the user can quickly scan the pages to find what they need.