This is a redesign of Simply Sweet Cakery’s existing website. They bake custom cakes for a variety of events as well as offer additional desserts for those events. I was inspired by their work and wanted to create a website that would better suit their brand. I stayed true to their original branding including their logo and color palette, but I did decide on a different typeface pairing to bring a more elegant feel to the overall website.

I simplified the website architecture to create a primary navigation to increase accessibility as well as comfort for users. I enjoyed being able to use Adobe XD this project as it allowed me to change the layout multiple times with ease before deciding on my final layout.

Web Design | Adobe XD


The original website has stunning images, but they were not necessarily laid out intentionally. Additionally the site needed typographical hierarchy. Each page contains important details in regards to all they offer and how to place an order. The large amounts of center aligned text in all lowercase becomes tiring on the eyes.


To help organize their images, I used grids with rows no more than three images wide. This way the images were large enough to see the details of the images without overwhelming the page. I used color and font size to help break up the text. This allows for the user to scan the page and find what they are looking for with ease.