Bloom Box is a company I came up with that sells and delivers plants. It’s mission is to streamline the process of buying plants while providing services to help customers with tips and tricks to keep their plants thriving. It believes plants make life better, bringing an overall sense of joy. The incorporation of hand-rendered design features are to represent a friendlier, natural feeling.

The goal was to develop a visual identity that conveys the characteristics of Bloom Box and also refers to the well-being and love for nature. Adding the leaf further adds style to the logo emphasizing the original theme. This project showcases the initial product packaging as well as the other ways these motifs can be incorporated into merchandise and advertising.

Package Design


For this project I had to pay extra attention to how I was going to design my packaging. The packaging had to be able to accommodate a live plant, meaning it needed to have openings for both light and air to pass through with ease.


I went for a design inspired by a standard table tent. To stabilize the plant, there is a layer that the small pot would be able to slide into keeping it from sliding out. Additionally, once the tent is opened, inside the care instructions are placed in a pocket.